Lg Washer Cl Code

Lg Washer Cl Code

What does CL mean on the top LG ring?

PARENTAL CONTROLWhat does the CL code on the LG washing machine mean in the same way?

) = The CL code on LG prewash machines simply loads the CHILD LOCK function. The LG washing machine’s CHILD LOCK function is a safety measure to prevent children from changing the washing settings. CL is not an error code.

How can I also correct the CL code of my LG washing machine?

DISABLE THE CL CODE ON THE NEW FIRST LOAD SCREENS: To disable the PARENTAL LOCK on the LG washing machine, press and hold the CHILD LOCK button for 3-5 seconds. CHILD LOCK mode should now be disabled on the washing machine and all buttons will work correctly.

In addition to the points mentioned above, how can you disable the child lock on the LG Top washing machine?

To deactivate the child lock, make sure the washing machine is switched on and press and hold the corresponding child lock button for 3 seconds. The child lock function is deactivated and the control panel is reactivated. Your LG dryer is also equipped with a child safety feature.

What does CL mean in the washing machine?


How do I remove the CL code on an LG dishwasher?

CL Parental Control

How do I reset my washing machine on LG?

Resetting the washing machine:

How can I fix my LG washing machine error?

d Front washing machine error code

How do I unlock the LG Direct Drive washing machine?

How to Unlock LG Drum Washing Machine

How to Unlock LG Inverter Direct Drive Washing Machine?

How do you unlock a top ring?

To unlock the lid:

How do you switch off a washing machine?

Press the Start / Pause button and wait a few minutes, then the washing machine will safely drain all the water from the drum and unlock the door. Add or remove an item or make changes to the cycle, close the door and press the Start / Pause button again to resume the cycle.

How do you seal the drum of a washing machine?

Tilt the refillable washing machine at an angle to allow all the water to drain out of the drain hole. Place a towel over the water inlet tube and hold it in place with a rubber band. Insert the covered end of the hose into the washing machine drum.

How can child seats be deactivated?

How to switch the child seat on and off

How to reset the LG dishwasher code?

How do I turn off parental controls on my LG TV?

Press the down arrow to highlight System Lock, press the right arrow to highlight On, then press Enter. The password screen appears on the screen.

How can I unlock my LG washer and dryer?

If your washing machine is not working properly or you need to interrupt the program and start the laundry, you can unlock the door.

What does a washing machine key symbol mean?

Lg Washer Cl Code