Leyenda Del Crespin

Leyenda Del Crespin

The myths and legends of El Cresson?

Symbols of the Province of Salta

Crepe is a bird the size of a bird. It has long tails and short wings. It sounds like the song: Chris ... Pan ... Chris ... Pan ... They saw it while harvesting wheat in central and northwestern Argentina, and its singing is a testament to the landscape situation. Special sadness came. The signs are that Creisson was a gentle and hardworking Creole who preferred a simple and fun life.

Disguised as his wife, Dormesa, he loves parties and music and dance. In a year of great harvest, Cresson had to work from sunrise to sunset to harvest and eliminate itching. And in just a few days, there was one crop for each grain of wheat in the field in Crescent. Anna came to see Rank, very tired and sick because he was in so much trouble. Dermisa is not paying attention, she is dancing.

"I was sick and needed to finish the crop," Cresson said. Please go to town and give me some medicine so I can wake up tomorrow and go to work.

Dermisa doesn't care, she leaves dancing and goes to town. Along the way there is a dance where everyone celebrates at the end of the harvest. And when she hears the language, she forgets about her husband. Unable to control himself, he began to dance one after the other, and never stopped. Wennon told him that Cresson was dead.

Life is too short to die and cry, she fights and dances for no reason.

The party is over, Darmisa has gone home. Kristen was not there. He looked around, a. Unfortunately, he crossed the wheat fields without calling Krasin as long as he was nearby. Crazy with her last breath, Dermisa asked God to give her wings to continue the search, unaware that Cresen had died that night and that some devout neighbors had seen her buried there. Then, turning into a bird, he still looked for her in the golden wheat field of the sun and called and screamed.

The craison is a bird that migrates north and sings at night with a sound that sounds or feels like someone, it is feared because it is said to be the shape of very small wings.

Sorry, I just know about this bird.

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Leyenda Del Crespin