Lewis's Or Lewis

Lewis's Or Lewis

Am I writing like Lewis Bag or Lewis Bag or are both correct? ۔

Lewis ball bag.

Dave's car will justify an apostrophe followed by S, but as Lewis ends with S, just add apo. After S on the end of Lewis, right?

Dave's car, Lewis's purse, Christmas drinks, Fred's jacket, Jesus' life, right?

s must always be used in the sole proprietor. There: James is a car, it's James' car.

In some areas, the use of apostrophes is only acceptable if it ends with an appropriate name. Strike and E (maximum option in the correct form) prefer to use the end of any word.

Your answer is: Lewis bag.

Note to Lindelo: Your explanation may be simple, but you are wrong. S is always used in singular, but only in plural if the plural ends in a letter other than s. When it ends with s in the plural, the quotation marks after s make the word owner.

If you are an English teacher, you should know.

Lewis's Or Lewis