Levoconvex Scoliosis

Levoconvex Scoliosis

What does levoscoliosis mean for the lumbar spine? 3

spinal cord

Levoscoliosis is considered a form of scoliosis. The standard definition of scoliosis is to bend the spine in one direction or the other. Levoscoliosis Y is a spinal cord rotation to the left. Levoscoliosis has the same signs and symptoms as click scoliosis, but due to the location of the heart, the rotation of the left spinal cord causes additional health problems. Return). The spinal cord has nothing to do with cardiac function, but this rotation can put pressure on the ribs and cause disorders that affect lung function and ultimately the heart.

Symptoms of levoscoliosis can appear at any time and are mainly caused by back pain and / or changes in posture. Changes in posture may include: one embroidered longer than the other, more southernly spread blades, uneven hips, etc. Including X-rays to confirm the results. Once confirmed, your doctor can develop a treatment plan that suits your needs.

One treatment plan for scoliosis is Mild SpineCor. By itself, it is reducing the pain and stopping the growth of the curve. Most impressively, FB should show significant improvement or stability of the baby's spine. This result is unique because SpineCorce can stimulate the muscles on the opposite (right) side of levoscoliosis. Stimulation of this weak muscle is strong and helps in correction and stability.

Levoconvex scoliosis, or lumbar levoscoliosis, is a spinal cord rotation from L1 to L5 in the lower back.

Levoscoliosis is found in the upper back curve from T1 to T12. Traced levosculosis will affect the ribs more because the ribs are connected to the spinal cord. There, this type of scoliosis due to a connection to the lungs and heart should be closely monitored.

A child diagnosed with mild levoscoliosis may be stable or develop very large curves. There, the child should be closely monitored by someone with special training in scoliosis, such as a chiropractor or orthopedic surgeon. Even with mild leukocytosis, parents should take the time to be aware of all the dangers their children face.

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What does levoscoliosis mean for the lumbar spine?

spinal cord

levoconvex scoliosis


Levoconvex Scoliosis