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Level Term,

Level Term Definition:

  1. Definition of Level Term: In life insurance, it is a temporary insurance in which the death benefit does not increase or decrease in the life of the policy.

Literal Meanings of Level Term


Meanings of Level:
  1. A horizontal plane or line in relation to the distance above or below a particular point.

  2. Position on a real or imaginary scale of quantity, quantity, range or quality.

  3. (In a video game) A series of increasing difficulty levels that the player can go through completes one level to advance to the next level.

  4. Apparatus, a glass tube filled with a liquid, partially containing alcohol or air bubbles, the position of which indicates whether the surface is perfectly vertical or vertical.

  5. It has a flat and uniform surface, with no protrusions or holes.

  6. At some level or another.

  7. They do not have the same relative status in front and behind.

  8. Calm and organized.

  9. Provides level and surface level.

  10. Do something (especially sports scores) the same or similar.

  11. Target (weapon)

  12. Check the difference in height with respect to (ground).

Sentences of Level
  1. High unemployment rate

  2. I also use to measure the level correctly!

  3. Flood Plane

  4. We hit the rock

  5. His eyes were on the same level

  6. The car braked quickly and then sped back until I got to the level

  7. "Adrian." He said in a flat voice.

  8. Contractors begin clearing land for new power plants

  9. He was aiming a rifle at us

Synonyms of Level

smooth out, plane, regularize, direct, make flat, even, make regular, consistent, even up, make level, uniform, steady, beam, constant, balanced, train, size, plumb, aim, aligned, at the same height as, flatten, draw a bead on, turn, on a level, quantity, on the same level as, stable, equal


Meanings of Term:
  1. A word or phrase used to describe something or to express an idea, especially in a particular type of language or study.

  2. A fixed or limited period during which something, such as a position, prison or investment, continues or intends to end

  3. Each season is replaced by a holiday or public holiday when classes are held at school, college or university, or when the court is in progress.

  4. The terms under which actions can be taken or agreements can be reached, are set or agreed upon.

  5. An amount of ratio, series or mathematical expression.

  6. Another term for the term

  7. Provide a descriptive name to be called by a specific name.

Sentences of Term
  1. Music term "litmotio"

  2. The president is elected for a four-year term

  3. Summer semester

  4. That's the only way to treat it

  5. A geometric series is defined as a permanent relationship between successive terms.

  6. Called the father of modern theology

Synonyms of Term

specification, phrase, call, label, locution, provision, turn of phrase, word, expression, style, requisite, spell, period of time, condition, title, duration, dub, idiom, period, name, length of time, entitle, designate, session, precondition