Definition of Lessor:

  1. A person who leases or leases property to other owners.

  2. Owner or owner of property or rental properties. It is also a lender and guarantor of laser operating and capital leases. However, with leasing, the third party (the lender), not the lessee, has the honor.

  3. The landlord is basically the one who pays the rent to the third party. As a result, the lender owns the asset that was leased out under a contract with the lessee. Compensator pays or anticipates payment to an individual in exchange for using the asset.

  4. Owners can be individuals or companies. The terminated lease agreement with the other party is binding on the lease and explains the rights and obligations of both parties. In addition to the use of the property, the landlord may, at its discretion, grant tenants special benefits, such as early termination of the lease or renewal in a changed circumstances.

Synonyms of Lessor

Property owner, Landowner, Householder, Freeholder, Letter, Proprietor, Lessor, Landholder, Master

How to use Lessor in a sentence?

  1. Before renting an apartment, we need to clarify the current monthly rental rates and everything else with the owner.
  2. Owners and their lawyers discuss tactics to deal with tenants.
  3. The landlord and tenant enter into a binding agreement, known as a lease, which sets out the terms of their agreement.
  4. The owner of this property agrees that the tenants can perform the required activities in the industrial park.
  5. Although all types of property can be rented out, in most cases the process involves residential or commercial property, ie houses or offices.
  6. If you plan to rent an office space, try to find an owner you can trust to treat you fairly and equitably.
  7. Landlords are tenants to other parties or owners of leased property called tenants.

Meaning of Lessor & Lessor Definition