Leprechaun leader

Leprechaun leader,

Definition of Leprechaun leader:

  1. The term may also be spelled "Lepre-con" Leader to emphasize the illegal or unethical activities of the individual,.

  2. A leprechaun leader is a slang term for a corporate manager or an executive who, like the fabled Irish elf, is a mischievous and elusive creature said to possess buried treasures of money and gold. Here, an executive or other corporate leader embezzles money from the firm he runs and then stashes the ill-gotten gains in offshore bank accounts in order to hide his crimes. Just like the fabled leprechaun of lore, the unscrupulous executive hides his "pot of gold" where it will not be found until he is caught (in this case by the police).

  3. The informal term for executives who steal or illegally move money and hide it in offshore accounts. The name comes from the Irish fables of mischievous creatures that hide their treasures.

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