Leopard Gecko Heating Pad

Leopard Gecko Heating Pad

Leopard lizard and heating pad? 3

I've got a leopard gecko and I'll use the fabric as a substrate. Can I use paper towels and thermal pads?


Should I tear the paper towel to pieces?

Hey hey i You leave clean paper towels. Cover the floor. Slightly thicken the paper towels around the heating pad. The heating pad should be at the bottom of the tank and cover 1/31/2 of the tank.

It is important to keep paper towels so that they do not swallow. You still want the bottom of the tank to be solid.

First responders need to do research. He was completely misinformed. You may have seen a leopard in the sand of a pet store, and for good reason.

The heating pad is fine. Leopard geckos need stomach warmth, while bearded dragons need warmth. You will need to raise the tank slightly to avoid overheating.

Leopards do not dig geckos. I don't know where people get it from. Obviously, this is not the case if you look at the structure. They may take some dirt with them in the forest. But in nature they are usually found under rocks.

You need 3 skins. 1 warm side, one cold side, and one wet side.

Gecko heating pad

Leopard Gecko Heating Pad