Lenscrafters Return Policy

Lenscrafters Return Policy

Can I send the glasses back to LensCrafter by post if they are still under 30 days warranty? 3

Can I return the glasses I bought from LensCrafter by post instead of going to the store where I bought them and if they are still within 30 days warranty can I send them? I was on vacation in another state when I lost my glasses, ran to the LensCrafter store and bought a new one. Now I'm healthy again and after a week with new glasses I realized the new frames didn't really suit me.


I am thinking of replacing the lens because the thickness of the lens does not fit in the frame. I am insightful and my right eye is 550 degrees. My old glasses are gone without a frame and the glasses are made of high grade plastic. That was a year ago and it was the first time I chose a design without rims because the sales person told me that the type of glass he had chosen would suit him. The new pair of lens crafter is also frameless and the lenses are made of polycarbonate. At Lenscrafter, after designing the frame, I told the sales person that I wanted a plastic lens and a slimmer to fit the frame well. He recommended polycarbonate lenses that I had never worn or heard of. If you now compare the correct panel thickness of the new one with the old one, the new pair is 50% thicker and I have come to the conclusion that it does not match the frameless design.

The new lenses are also very bright. When my wife tried to take pictures of me outside in the sun, she had difficulty finding the right angle because of the reflection in my glasses. I don't have this problem with older track pairs.

It does not need to be returned to the store where you purchased it. You can easily go to the nearest local lens maker and they will refund you as long as it is in your purchased condition (new policy a few months ago because they will take everything in return). ) ... Does this mean that unless you are bitten by a dog or your car runs over you, you can return it to any lens maker, the policy is behind your receipt.

If you urgently need lenses because you lost them during the holidays, high-index plastic lenses with anti-reflective coating for semicircular frames will be a special order and you won't get them so fast. They can offer as much as you want ... especially polycarbonate. As it is better for half rims to reduce the chances of lens peeling, but they can offer a version with more polycarbonate pins to estimate the thickness of high index lenses ... ... of the frame Size and shape The lens thickness is smaller if the higher the RX, the smaller the shape and the more round, the thinner the edges ... the thinner it gets when your eyes focus more on the lens.

Just go to the nearest lens maker and return it. If you don't like or dislike the frame and just want a slimmer lens, just ask for a 1.67 high index lens and pay for the upgrade ... Has a policy that returns. Replace in 30 days ... You don't need to keep it with you when you don't receive a receipt, it's all in the computer system ... Your computer network is national

So ... you're a Saint, and they help you out very quickly, and that's the frame you choose on your O ... Nothing compels you to pick it up, right?

You better call him and ask ...

I'm sure they'll keep that guarantee for a long time ... amazing.

Get your receipt and go to the lens maker near you. See what they can do to help you.

Lenscrafters Return Policy

Lenscrafters Return Policy

I think it's worth a try. If they have a problem, you can ask them to take care of it, ask the director, make noise.

Lenscrafters Return Policy