Lender Overlay

Lender Overlay,

How To Define Lender Overlay?

  1. Required guidelines (or set of guidelines) other than Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, or FHA / VA.

Literal Meanings of Lender Overlay


Meanings of Lender:
  1. An organization or person that lends.

Sentences of Lender
  1. Mortgage lender

Synonyms of Lender

financial institution


Meanings of Overlay:
  1. Cover the surface (something) with a layer.

  2. (Quality or feeling) becomes more important than quality (previous feeling or quality)

  3. Something spreads on something like a blanket.

  4. Move blocks of program code or other data to internal memory, replacing what is stored.

  5. The past of the past

Sentences of Overlay
  1. Her nails were covered in silver or gold

  2. Her candle was masked by her new confidence

  3. The floor is durable and economical

Synonyms of Overlay

mask, canopy, layer, cover, screen, laminate, surface, envelope, carpet, veil, veneer, cloud, curtain, pall, sheet, lamination, encrustation, covering, face, inlay, blanket, shroud, cloak