Lender Credit

Lender Credit,

Definition of Lender Credit:

Loans that lenders repay to lenders at above-market interest rates.

Literal Meanings of Lender Credit


Meanings of Lender:
  1. An organization or person that lends.

Sentences of Lender
  1. Mortgage lender

Synonyms of Lender

financial institution


Meanings of Credit:
  1. The ability to receive a customer's goods or services on the basis of a trust is based on the trust that will be paid in the future.

  2. Public praise or appreciation, usually given or received when someone is responsible for an action or idea or becomes clear.

  3. Confirmation is that the student has completed a course or activity that counts for the declared diploma or diploma in the school records.

  4. Publicly recognizing someone as a production participant (something that has been published or broadcast)

Sentences of Credit
  1. Columns should be included on each page and total costs should be equal to the total balance

  2. The president claims to have acknowledged all the achievements

Synonyms of Credit

set down, merit, respect, reliability, acknowledgement, hat tip, acclaim, trust, impute, regard, accept, ascribe, approval, admiration, esteem, have faith in, veneration, approbation, credibility, recognition, give credence to, plausibility, tributes, have confidence in, put down, believability