Lemon Meanings:

  1. Low quality defective product that does not work as promised. Especially used in the automotive industry, especially for low-quality used cars or new low-quality vehicles.

Meanings of Lemon

  1. Yellow, oval, densely sliced ​​lemon fruit with fragrant citrus juice.

  2. Green lemon trees that produce lemons are common in hot weather.

  3. Mascot

  4. A person or thing, especially a car, that has been classified as unsatisfactory, disappointing or weak.

Sentences of Lemon

  1. The juice of seven lemons

  2. On the other side of the lake, with a lemon tree, was a gorge.

  3. Lemon shirt

Synonyms of Lemon

gold, lemony, golden, yellowish, yellowy, amber, lemon