Lemon Meanings:

  1. Low quality defective product that does not work as promised. Especially used in the automotive industry, especially for low-quality used cars or new low-quality vehicles.

Meanings of Lemon

  1. Yellow, oval, densely sliced ​​lemon fruit with fragrant citrus juice.

  2. Green lemon trees that produce lemons are common in hot weather.

  3. Mascot

  4. A person or thing, especially a car, that has been classified as unsatisfactory, disappointing or weak.

Sentences of Lemon

  1. The juice of seven lemons

  2. On the other side of the lake, with a lemon tree, was a gorge.

  3. Lemon shirt

Synonyms of Lemon

gold, lemony, golden, yellowish, yellowy, amber, lemon

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Lemon means,

Lemon definition is: Poor quality product and does not work as promised. Mainly used in the automotive industry, especially for high quality used cars or low quality new vehicles.

Meanings of Lemon

  1. Light yellow oval citrus fruit with thick skin and fragrant citrus juice.

  2. Perennial citrus fruits that produce lemons are widespread in hot climates.

  3. Mask

  4. Unsatisfactory or weak person or thing.

Sentences of Lemon

  1. Car makers can't afford lemons.


How Do You Define Lemon?

  1. Products with poor quality do not work as promised. Mainly used in the automotive industry, especially for high quality used cars or inferior new cars.

Meanings of Lemon

  1. Oval, light yellow citrus fruit with thick skin and fragrant sour juice.

  2. The perennial citrus fruits that grow lemons are abundant in hot climates.

  3. Fun