Definition of Legality:

  1. The quality or state of being in accordance with the law.

  2. Implied warranty that an act, agreement, or contract strictly adheres to the statutes of a particular jurisdiction. For example, in insurance contracts it is assumed that all risks covered under the policy are legal ventures. See also legal purpose.

  3. Legal principle that an accused may not be prosecuted for an act that is not declared a crime in that jurisdiction.

Synonyms of Legality

Lawfulness, Legitimacy, Legitimateness, Licitness, Validity, Rightness, Rightfulness, Soundness, Admissibility, Admissibleness, Permissibility, Constitutionality, Admissibility, Admissibleness, Allowableness, Defensibility, Drumhead justice, Dueness, Equitableness, Equity, Evenhandedness, Give-and-take, Justice, Justifiability, Justifiableness, Justification, Justness, Lawfulness, Legitimacy, Licitness, Measure for measure, Meetness, Nemesis, Permissibility, Permissibleness, Poetic justice, Properness, Propriety, Retributive justice, Right, Rightfulness, Rightness, Rude justice, Sanctionableness, Scales of justice, Summary justice, Validity, Warrantability, Warrantableness, Warrantedness, What is right

How to use Legality in a sentence?

  1. The legality of the agreement was upheld by the judge so we were required to continue with the process as planned.
  2. You should always check out the legality of any action before you take it so that you know you arent breaking the law.
  3. I had to check out the legality of the issue before doing it because I did not want to break the law and go to jail.
  4. Documentation testifying to the legality of the arms sale.

Meaning of Legality & Legality Definition