Definition of Legality:

  1. The standard or condition of law enforcement.

  2. Guarantee means that an act, contract or agreement is subject to the laws of a particular jurisdiction. For example, an insurance contract assumes that all risks covered by the policy are legal liability. See also Legal Purpose.

  3. The legal rule is that the accused cannot be prosecuted for any act which has not been declared a criminal offense in its jurisdiction.

Synonyms of Legality

Allowableness, Measure for measure, Meetness, Justice, Propriety, Permissibility, Justification, Warrantableness, Warrantedness, Justness, Scales of justice, Legitimateness, Admissibility, Soundness, Rightfulness, Nemesis, Lawfulness, Give-and-take, Validity, Warrantability, Licitness, Lawfulness, Sanctionableness, What is right, Defensibility, Permissibility, Equity, Legitimacy, Validity, Admissibleness, Justifiability, Retributive justice, Right, Admissibility, Rude justice, Properness, Licitness, Rightness, Admissibleness, Equitableness, Rightness, Poetic justice, Evenhandedness, Constitutionality, Justifiableness, Dueness, Legitimacy, Rightfulness, Permissibleness, Drumhead justice, Summary justice

How to use Legality in a sentence?

  1. The legality of the agreement was confirmed by the judge, so we must continue as planned.
  2. You should always check its legal status before taking any action to make sure you are not breaking the law.
  3. I have to check the legal status of this case in advance because I did not break the law and I wanted to go to jail.
  4. Documents that prove the legality of arms sales.

Meaning of Legality & Legality Definition