Legal system

Legal system,

Definition of Legal system:

  1. Legal regimen of a country consisting of (1) a written or oral constitution, (2) primary legislation (statutes) enacted by the legislative body established by the constitution, (3) subsidiary legislation (bylaws) made by person or bodies authorized by the primary legislation to do so, (4) customs applied by the courts on the basis of traditional practices, and (5) principles or practices of civil, common, Roman, or other code of law.

How to use Legal system in a sentence?

  1. To their detriment, many individuals charged, rightfully or not, with criminal acts, have no understanding of the legal system , how it applies to them personally, or how to navigate through the system, before finding themselves mired in it.
  2. You should know all of the rules of the legal system so that you are never breaking any of them and putting yourself at risk.
  3. I was not a supporter of the current legal system that was implemented and I wanted to go to a new place to learn.

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