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Whether it is a divorce, a land conflict, or a workplace dispute, a lawyer is your frontline of defense in a legal battle. It is unlike any other profession, where a professional is required to take on multiple roles to win the case for the client in the court of law.

Besides having a highly decorated academic career, a lawyer is judged by the essential qualities that define his/her analytical and cognitive skills. Here, in this article, we will discuss the attributes that one should seek in a legal professional and assess the same before hiring by getting a free consultation

Qualities You Would Want in Your Lawyer

The onslaught of the pandemic has even shifted the legal machinery online, where most of the consultation and counsel is not happening face to face but virtually through video conferencing, due to the social distancing norms. While getting the has become easy these days, it is highly recommended that an individual assess the qualities of the legal professional before hiring.
Here’s what one should seek:

Good Communicator

Stellar communication and oratory skills are pre-requisites of a legal professional. For an effective outcome in a legal battle, one has to present the case in front of the judge and convince the courtroom, at the base of which is good oratory skills.

Good communication is the first quality that you notice and seek in a legal professional. It not only helps the lawyer to present the case but also connect with the client better, where he/she is willing to open up.

Good Listener

Good oration comes to a patient listener because by listening intently, he/she absorbs and understands all the essential points. It latter helps them formulate an apt speech or strike the right conversation. Being a good listener is a must for lawyers, as they need to always focus on even the tiniest remark or minute details mentioned by the client.


The responsiveness of a lawyer to his/her client is a reflection of dedication and professionalism. Some legal professionals have this habit of putting off a conversation for later or being unavailable to the client in times of need. That is not a lawyer you would want handling your case. So, while seeking free consultation, see if the person responds to you well and displays interest and dedication in his/her approach.


Perseverance is the key to becoming a dedicated professional, especially in the legal domain. Some cases require hours of research and hard work so that the presentation in front of the judge can be flawless. All that burning of midnight oil demands perseverance, passion, and dedication.

If you are looking for a skilled and experienced legal professional, it is essential that you first get a consultation and discuss the case before hiring. Several law portals have emerged and become popular during the pandemic, offering the best online legal advice in India.


Even when referring to such portals and online consultation, ensure that you try and assess the presence of these qualities in the lawyer that you want to hire to fight your legal battle.