Legal Consideration

Legal Consideration,

What Does Legal Consideration Mean?

  • Legal Consideration can be defined as, Legal reservations refer to the exchange of two or more items in a legally binding contract. Typically, a contract is an exchange of money for a variety of goods or services. As part of insurance, legal protections usually include insurers that issue insurance policies for the insurer's money.

Literal Meanings of Legal Consideration


Meanings of Legal:
  1. By, based on or affected by the law.

  2. Approved by law.

  3. (Made of paper) 8½ "14 to 14" measurement.

Sentences of Legal
  1. American legal system

  2. To claim that everything is fine

  3. Yellow legal stamp

Synonyms of Legal

forensic, legalized, lawful, within the law, licit, judiciary, jurisdictive, valid, legal, juridical, legitimate, judicatory


Meanings of Consideration:
  1. Careful thinking, usually for a period.

  2. Payment or gift

  3. The results are significant.

Sentences of Consideration
  1. A long process that requires careful consideration

  2. You can buy books for a little thought

  3. There was no mention of any trouble in Upper Egypt during the Olt period, and if things calm down, we say the reason was that the government was in the hands of someone who broke our record. He could have assumed that it was a question of someone who was considerate and very influential, Kalimachus the Epitaphus.

Synonyms of Consideration

deliberation, discussion, payment, scrutiny, rumination, musing, recompense, contemplation, inspection, thought, review, meditation, pondering, compensation, reflection, examination, cogitation, premium, emolument, analysis