Legal aid

Legal aid,

Definition of Legal aid:

  1. Free legal advice or representation for a person who cannot afford it.

  2. Free or inexpensive legal advice, assistance, or representation provided to those who, because to their financial condition, otherwise would not be able to get. Legal aid schemes usually require that the matter for which aid is requested must have at least a 50 percent chance of succeeding in the court. Commonly, legal aid cannot be availed-of where (1) alternative funding is available to the party requesting it, (2) the case is likely to be heard by the small claims court, (3) the case involves corporate matters, or (4) involves administration of trusts, inheritance and wills, and/or land ownership.

How to use Legal aid in a sentence?

  1. We were in a lot of financial trouble, and I decided that we needed a little legal aid , which my friend did not like.
  2. When my mother slipped and broke her hip the other day at the local bakery, she contacted legal aid to find out if she should try to sue them to cover her medical bills.
  3. You may need to file for legal aid if a disaster strikes that does major damage to your place of business.
  4. He indicated to the accused that legal aid was available and that they would call back.

Meaning of Legal aid & Legal aid Definition