Definition of Legacy:

  1. Gift of personal property through a will by the writer of the will (the testator) to an individual or organization (the legatee). Legacies are generally classified as (1) Demonstrative: paid out of specific funds, or portioned out of a specific property. (2) General: not clearly identified, such as, a house. (3) Pecuniary: specified sum of money or an annuity. (4) Residuary: what is left out of a personal estate. (5) Specific: clearly identified, such as, My beach-house. See also inheritance.

Synonyms of Legacy

Attested copy, Bequeathal, Bequest, Birthright, Borough-English, By-product, Codicil, Coheirship, Consequence, Consequent, Coparcenary, Corollary, Derivation, Derivative, Development, Devise, Distillate, Effect, Entail, Event, Eventuality, Eventuation, Fruit, Gavelkind, Harvest, Heirloom, Heirship, Hereditament, Heritable, Heritage, Heritance, Incorporeal hereditament, Inheritance, Issue, Law of succession, Line of succession, Logical outcome, Mode of succession, Offshoot, Offspring, Outcome, Outgrowth, Patrimony, Postremogeniture, Precipitate, Primogeniture, Probate, Product, Result, Resultant, Reversion, Sequel, Sequela, Sequence, Sequent, Succession, Testament, Ultimogeniture, Upshot, Will

How to use Legacy in a sentence?

  1. He wasnt concerned about his legacy , he thought he had done enough in his life that people would always look fondly upon him.
  2. When my grandmother passed away, she left me a legacy in her will, including some of her money and her summer house.
  3. Stacey never even considered selling the cabin, because the old place was a precious legacy left to her by her grandmother.

Meaning of Legacy & Legacy Definition