Definition of Leg:

  1. A section or stage of a journey or process.

  2. Each of the supports of a chair, table, or other piece of furniture.

  3. Propel (a boat) through a tunnel on a canal by pushing with ones legs against the tunnel roof or sides.

  4. Each of the limbs on which a person or animal walks and stands.

  5. A branch of a forked object.

  6. An obeisance made by drawing back one leg and bending it while keeping the front leg straight.

  7. Travel by foot; walk.

  8. Journey between two scheduled stops. Also called portion or segment.

  9. The half of the field (as divided lengthways through the pitch) away from which the batsmans feet are pointed when standing to receive the ball.

Synonyms of Leg

Walk, March, Tramp, Trek, Trudge, Plod, Wander, Ramble, Go on foot, Upright, Support, Prop, Brace, Underpinning, Column, Ambulate, Ankle, Appendage, Arm, Assist, Bayonet legs, Boost, Bough, Bowlegs, Branch, Break, Breast, Broken circuit, Calf, Chicken foot, Circuit, Circuital field, Circumambulate, Closed circuit, Cnemis, Complete circuit, Course, Crossing, Cruise, Dark meat, Dead circuit, Drumstick, Foot, Foot it, Foreleg, Galvanic circuit, Gamb, Gambrel, Giblets, Gigot, Ham, Hand, Helping hand, Hind leg, Hock, Hoof it, Hot circuit, Imp, Jamb, Jaywalk, Jog on, Joint, Knee, Lateral circuit, Leg it, Leg up, Lift, Limb, Link, Live circuit, Lobe, Lobule, Loop, Magnetic circuit, Member, Microcircuit, Multiple circuit, Multiple series, Neck, Ocean trip, Offshoot, Organ, Oyster, Pace, Pad, Pale, Palisade, Passage, Path, Pedestrianize, Peg, Perambulate, Peripateticate, Picket, Pile, Pinion, Podite, Popliteal space, Printed circuit, Ramification, Run, Runner, Sail, Scion, Scissor-legs, Sea trip, Series multiple, Shakedown cruise, Shank, Shin, Short, Short circuit, Shuffle along, Spile, Spray, Sprig, Spur, Stake, Stems, Step, Stride, Stump it, Stumps, Switch, Tail, Tarsus, Tendril, Thigh, Traipse, Tread, Trotters, Turkey foot, Twig, Vector field, Voyage, Walk, White meat, Wing, Wishbone, Part, Stage, Portion, Segment, Section, Bit, Phase, Stretch, Lap, Step, Instalment, Lower limb, Shank

How to use Leg in a sentence?

  1. Table legs.
  2. Wavell Hinds nicked his first delivery, and Lee struck again when he angled a ball down the leg side that flicked Chris Gayles glove.
  3. Adams broke his leg.
  4. A little boy was lying on his back, legging the boat along.
  5. The return leg of his journey.

Meaning of Leg & Leg Definition


Leg Definition:

  1. The leg derivative is part of a trading strategy in which the trader makes a profit or profit from arbitrage, to secure a position by combining multiple options, futures or in rare cases. An extension In this strategy, every agreement or position taken in basic security is referred to as leg. Also known as legs as part of the cash flow exchange.

    • Feet are part of multi-level trading.
    • A trader will put a foot in the strategy of securing positions, profit from strategy or profit from spread.
    • Feet can be part of a variety of strategies, including stars, necklaces and iron condoms.

Meanings of Leg

  1. Any part of the body on which a person or animal walks and stands.

  2. An aid for chairs, tables or other furniture.

  3. Part or phase of a journey or process.

  4. Branch forked objects.

  5. The center of the court (spread in the court) from where the feet of the stick point while standing to catch the ball.

  6. Compatibility involves pulling one leg back and pulling it while keeping the front leg straight.

  7. Travel on foot.

  8. Move through the tunnel (boat) in the canal by pressing your feet in front of the roof or the side of the tunnel.

Sentences of Leg

  1. Return to your trip

  2. Vival Hinds blocked his first shot and Lee hit the ball again with his foot, which touched Chris Giles' glove.

  3. A boy is carrying his shoes on his back with a boot