Left Handed Crescent Wrench

Left Handed Crescent Wrench

Where can I find an adjustable left hand lock? 3

All left-handed items are sold at the Springfield Mall's Ned Flanders Liftroom Store.

Good for your research.

Adjustable metric wrench

This is where you will find the right hand ones, wait, the left and right adjusting spinners are the same! So you can adjust it on both sides.

Believe it or not, custom wrenches are available at many discount tool auctions. The direction of the thread on the adjuster is opposite.

On any Ace hardware other than chrome roller bearings.

In your left hand

Left Handed Crescent Wrench

Left Handed Crescent Wrench

They are all right-handed and left-handed. If you want to be smart, try to find an adjustable metric wrench.

What size keys do you need 6 inches, 8 inches and 12 inches?

Buy an adjustable wrench and hold it in your left hand. Say Presto Chango.

The Ace Hardware Store is right next to the smoke cup on the left side of the girl room.

Left Handed Crescent Wrench