Left Ear Abbreviation

Left Ear Abbreviation

What is the abbreviation for left ear?

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Abbreviations Expected Meaning Correction
AD, AS, AU Right ear, left ear, each ear Use your right ear, left ear, or any ear
OD, OS, OR right eye, left eye, any eye Use the right, left or any other eye
BT time to go to sleep Use bedtime
CC Cubic centimeter ml. ### use
So what is the abbreviation for left ear? O.S., O.D., O.U. Write: left ear, right ear or both ears left eye, right eye or both eyes. ### What abbreviation do both ears mean besides the above? AU, AS, AD. Latin abbreviation for both ears, left ear, right ear. ### Do you also know what the left ear is in medical terms? left ear. left auris. ouch, ouch, ouch. both ears together or each ear. ### Q does this mean for everyone? q.i.d. (on recipe): Seen on recipe, q.i.d. (or qid) means 4 times a day (from the Latin quater to die). q.d. (qd or QD) is q.d. Quaque means to die (which means once a day in Latin). Offering. (or offer or offer) is twice a day b.i.d. means to die (Latin, twice a day).

Is the display located in the left or right ear?

If you add (AD) it moves to the right, so AD is the right ear. When you subtract it, it moves to the left, so AS is the left ear.

What are OD and BD?

■■■ (up to) means twice a day gt (young) means gout hs (hora somni) means before going to bed od (oculus dexter) means right eye

What does TDS mean?

Total solvent

What does BD mean?

BD = Bluray Disc.

What does Q mean in medical terms?

q.AM. every day before dinner (from the Latin quaque die ante meridiem) q.d. daily (from the Latin quaque die) (used in place of day.

What does AU mean?

Astronomical unit

What does it mean to pray?


What does OD mean by prescription?

oculus dextrus

Why does AD mean for the ear right?

ACC: cystic adenoid carcinoma AD: right ear AU: both ears

What is an ear?

The ear is the organ of hearing and in mammals the balance In mammals, the ear is generally described from three parts - outer ear, middle ear and inner ear is the medical abbreviation for ear?

Text size: planned abbreviations Meaning Correction AD, AS, AU Right ear, left ear, each ear Right ear, left ear use eo each ear OD, OS, OR right eye, left eye, each eye use right eye, left eye or each eye BT use bedtime p narrow hour cc use cubic centimeter ml

Which medical abbreviation is it correct for the left eye?

OS (prescription glass): Short for Sinister Oculus Latin f for the left eye. On the other hand, NPD means oculus dexter, which in Latin means right eye.

What does AD mean in nursing?

The abbreviation AD stands for right ear.

Left Ear Abbreviation