Leases, Rental

Leases, Rental,

Leases, Rental: What is the Meaning of Leases, Rental?

  1. There is an agreement between the owner and the lender that the compensator is entitled to use and reside in the leased property for a specified period.

Literal Meanings of Leases, Rental


Meanings of Leases:
  1. An agreement in which one of the parties transfers land, goods, services, etc. other than that. Usually for a specified period through regular payment.

  2. Lease discount (property).

Sentences of Leases
  1. Six months rent in a store

  2. Renting a site from a local business

Synonyms of Leases

leasehold, rental agreement, hire agreement, charter, contract, rent out, rent, hire, hire out, sublet, sublease, farm out, charge for the use of


Meanings of Rental:
  1. Paid or received as rent.

  2. Available for relative or rent.

Sentences of Rental
  1. Nominal rent

  2. Property for Rent

Synonyms of Rental

hire charge, rental