Lease purchase

Lease purchase,

Definition of Lease purchase:

  1. Lease contract under which a portion of the lease payment or rent is applied to the purchase price of the leased asset or property. When the full price is paid up, the title to the item is transferred from the seller or owner (the lessor) to the buyer or tenant (the lessee). Lease purchases are a type of hire-purchase and are generally considered to be capital leases for accounting purposes.

Meaning of Lease purchase & Lease purchase Definition

Lease Purchase,

What Does Lease Purchase Mean?

  1. Lease Purchase definition is: A financial arrangement where goods, usually cars, are leased for a specified period with the option to purchase at the end of the lease.

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Meanings of Lease:
  1. Rent subsidy (property).

  2. An agreement under which one of the parties transfers land, land, services, etc. Second party fixed term payments, usually in exchange for regular payments.

Sentences of Lease
  1. Rent a website from a local business

  2. Six months rent in a store

Synonyms of Lease

farm out, rent out, hire, rent, contract, rental agreement, leasehold, hire out, hire agreement, sublease, charter, sublet, charge for the use of


Meanings of Purchase:
  1. Lift (rope or cable) or lift (anchor) with pulley, lever etc.

  2. Put yourself in a position or position yourself in something so that the options can be used better, or the benefits of using it.

Sentences of Purchase
  1. Mr Gill saw the manuscript at a local auction and bought it for 1,500.

  2. The hooves of the horses fought to catch the slippery floor

Synonyms of Purchase

obtain, hold, take, secure, attachment, footing, invest in, acquire, shop for, grasp, come by, procure, pay for, grip, support, fingerhold, anchorage, snap up, pick up, buy, put money into, firm contact, foothold, toehold