Lease Acquisition Cost

Lease Acquisition Cost,

Lease Acquisition Cost: What is the Meaning of Lease Acquisition Cost?

Lease Acquisition Cost can be defined as, Limited liability at the time of lease The price paid by the real estate company, including attorney fees and related costs.

Literal Meanings of Lease Acquisition Cost


Meanings of Lease:
  1. An agreement in which one of the parties transfers land, goods, services, etc. other than that. Usually for a specified period through regular payment.

  2. Lease Discount (Property)

Sentences of Lease
  1. Six months rent in a store

  2. Renting a site from a local business

Synonyms of Lease

charge for the use of, sublease, sublet, leasehold, hire agreement, rent out, contract, rental agreement, hire, farm out, rent, hire out, charter


Meanings of Acquisition:
  1. An object or thing is usually bought or received from a library or museum.

  2. Study or develop a skill, habit, or quality.

Sentences of Acquisition
  1. Inheritance is used for new acquisitions

  2. Gain management skills

Synonyms of Acquisition

arrogation, affecting, espousal, purchase, accession, taking on, assuming, acquiring, appropriation, affectation, asset, promotion, addition, acquisition, advocacy, assumption


Meanings of Cost:
  1. (Item or action) requires payment (a fixed amount of money) before purchase or execution.

Synonyms of Cost

estimate the price of, levy, value, sell for, put a figure on, put a price on, tariff, rental, hire charge, be valued at, price, market price, toll, estimate the cost of, put a value on, come to, fee, be priced at, fetch, evaluate, asking price, amount to, be