Definition of Leapfrogging:

  1. A game in which players in turn vault with parted legs over others who are bending down.

  2. Automatic increase (or claims for increase) in pay for a group of employees on the grounds of maintaining pay parity or differential with another group of employees who have won a pay increase.

  3. Perform such a vault.

Synonyms of Leapfrogging

Jump, Leap, Spring, Bound, Skip, Hurdle, Clearance, Leapfrog, Pole vault, Jump over, Jump, Vault over, Vault, Spring over, Bound over, Hurdle, Skip, Skip over, Cross over, Sail over, Hop, Hop over, Leapfrog, High jump, Clear, Negotiate

How to use Leapfrogging in a sentence?

  1. We were playing leapfrog.

Meaning of Leapfrogging & Leapfrogging Definition