Definition of Lean:

  1. Lean means: Also known as Toyota Production System or Just In Time Production. Systems used in management, production, manufacturing, etc. Reduce waste and increase efficiency, mainly through the use of automated assembly lines in the automotive industry.

Meanings of Lean

  1. Lie down or move

  2. Leaning vertically.

  3. (Of a person or animal) Slim, very healthy, without too much fat.

  4. (From activity or time period) which offers a small reward, substance or fat free food.

  5. With a high proportion of air (from a mixture of vapor fuels).

  6. The lean part of the meat.

Sentences of Lean

  1. Lean back in the chair

  2. There is a free seat on the left side of the car

  3. Your body is thin and muscular

  4. Winter months are weak

  5. Bad air / fuel ratio

  6. Men who do not eat fat and women who do not eat

Synonyms of Lean

incline, poor, slender, wiry, tilt, deficient, tip, scant, bias, bend, slim, sparse, veer, slant, insufficient, insubstantial, thin, angle, limited, paltry, slight, careen, be at an angle, bank, modest, mean, inadequate, spare