Definition of League:

  1. Alliance of individuals, groups, or nations having a common interest to promote or protect.

  2. A group of sports clubs which play each other over a period for a championship.

  3. A class or category of quality or excellence.

  4. Join in a league or alliance.

  5. A collection of people, countries, or groups that combine for a particular purpose, typically mutual protection or cooperation.

Synonyms of League

Anschluss, Bund, NATO, Rochdale cooperative, SEATO, Accouple, Accumulate, Act in concert, Act together, Addition, Affiliate, Affiliate with, Affiliation, Agglomeration, Agglutinate, Aggregation, Agreement, Alignment, Alliance, Ally, Amalgamate, Amalgamation, Amass, Anschluss, Articulate, Assemblage, Assemble, Assimilation, Associate, Association, Axis, Band, Band together, Be in cahoots, Be in league, Blend, Blending, Bloc, Body, Bond, Bracket, Bridge, Bridge over, Brotherhood, Bunch, Bunch up, Cabal, Cahoots, Capitulation, Cartel, Category, Cement, Cement a union, Centralization, Centralize, Chain, Circuit, Clap together, Clot, Club, Club together, Cluster, Coact, Coadunation, Coalesce, Coalescence, Coalition, Collaborate, Colleagueship, Collect, College, Collegialism, Collegiality, Collude, Combination, Combine, Combo, Come into, Come together, Common market, Composition, Comprise, Comradeship, Concatenate, Concert, Concord, Concordat, Concur, Confederacy, Confederate, Confederation, Conference, Confraternity, Congeries, Conglobulate, Conglomeration, Congregate, Conjoin, Conjugate, Conjugation, Conjunction, Connect, Consociate, Consolidate, Consolidation, Conspiracy, Conspire, Consumer cooperative, Convention, Converge, Cooperate, Cooperative, Cooperative society, Copartnership, Copartnery, Copulate, Corps, Council, Couple, Cover, Credit union, Creep in, Crowd, Customs union, Date, Division, Do business with, Economic community, Ecumenism, Embodiment, Embrace, Encompass, Encompassment, Enlist, Enosis, Enroll, Entente, Entente cordiale, Enter, Federalization, Federalize, Federate, Federation, Fellowship, Flock together, Flow together, Forgather, Fraternalism, Fraternity, Fraternization, Free trade area, Freemasonry, Fuse, Fusion, Gang, Gang around, Gang up, Gather, Gather around, Get heads together, Get into, Get together, Glue, Go in partners, Go in partnership, Go into, Go partners, Grade, Group, Grouping, Guild, Hang together, Harmonize, Herd together, Hive, Hold together, Hook up, Hook up with, Hookup, Horde, Huddle, Include, Inclusion, Incorporation, Integration, International agreement, Join, Join forces, Join fortunes with, Join in, Join together, Join up, Join up with, Join with, Junction, Junta, Keep together, Knot, Lay together, League together, League with, Link, Loop, Lump together, Machine, Make common cause, Marriage, Marry, Marshal, Mass, Meet, Meld, Melding, Merge, Merger, Mill, Mob, Mobilize, Muster, Mutual-defense treaty, Nonaggression pact, Order, Organize, Package, Package deal, Paction, Pair, Pair off, Partner, Partnership, Piece together, Pigeonhole, Play ball, Political machine, Pull together, Put heads together, Put together, Rally, Rally around, Reciprocate, Rendezvous, Ring, Seethe, Sign on, Sign up, Sneak in, Society, Sodality, Solder, Solidification, Sorority, Span, Splice, Stand together, Stand up with, Stick together, Stream, Surge, Swarm, Syncretism, Syndication, Syneresis, Synthesis, Take in, Take out membership, Take up membership, Tape, Team up, Team up with, Team with, Throng, Throw in together, Throw in with, Tie, Tie in, Tie in with, Tie up, Tie up with, Tie-in, Tie-up, Tier, Treaty, Unification, Unify, Union, Unionize, Unite, Unite efforts, Unite with, Wed, Wedding, Weld, Wheel, Work together, Yoke, Alliance, Confederation, Confederacy, Federation, Union, Association, Coalition, Combine, Consortium, Affiliation, Guild, Corporation, Conglomerate, Cooperative, Partnership, Fellowship, Syndicate, Compact, Band, Group, Circle, Ring, Ally, Join forces, Join together, Unite, Form an association, Band together, Affiliate, Combine, Amalgamate, Form a federation, Confederate, Collaborate, Team up, Join up, Class, Group, Category, Ability group, Level of ability, Level, Championship, Competition, Contest

How to use League in a sentence?

  1. The League of Nations.
  2. The two men were not in the same league.
  3. The leading goalscorer in the league.
  4. Oscar had leagued with other construction firms.

Meaning of League & League Definition