Leads And Lags

Leads And Lags,

What is The Definition of Leads And Lags?

  • Leads And Lags refers to Prospects and delays in international business due to changes in expected exchange rates are usually associated with changes in normal payments or recoveries in foreign exchange transactions. If a company or government agency has the ability to control the receipt or receipt of a payment, the organization may make an earlier payment or delay the payment than expected. This change will be made in anticipation of the benefits of a change in the exchange rate. This applies to dynamic small and large transactions.

    • Refer to International Settlement Payment Schedules on Progress and Defaults
    • The expected exchange rate will help companies that control payments to delay or speed up payments.
    • Not all exchange rate events can be accurately predicted, but events are often associated with political events.

Literal Meanings of Leads And Lags


Meanings of Leads:
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