Definition of Leading:

  1. The amount of vertical space between lines of text.

    Leading comes from the metal-type era when typesetters inserted thin strips of lead (each one point thick) to increase the spacing between lines, for legibility or stylistic effects. Lines of normal text without leading are said to be set solid, and usually give a dense and dark appearance to the text block. Negative leading refers to less than normal spacing and is used to achieve dramatic visual impact in headlines, advertisements, posters, etc. In the desktop printing age, leading manipulation is achieved through pagemaking software such as Adobe PageMaker, Adobe InDesign, or QuarkXpress.

  2. Most important.

  3. Guidance or leadership, especially in a spiritual context.

Synonyms of Leading

Main, Chief, Major, Prime, Most significant, Principal, Foremost, Key, Supreme, Paramount, Dominant, Superior, Ruling, Directing, Guiding, Controlling, Essential, Cardinal, Central, Focal, Absolute, All-absorbing, Antecedent, Anterior, Arch, Ascendant, At the head, Authoritarian, Authoritative, Authority, Authorized, Autocratic, Banner, Best, Boss, Capital, Cardinal, Central, Champion, Chief, Clothed with authority, Command, Commanding, Competent, Conduct, Consequential, Considerable, Control, Controlling, Crowning, Directing, Direction, Directive, Directorial, Directory, Dominant, Duly constituted, Eminent, Empowered, Ex officio, Exordial, First, Focal, Fore, Foregoing, Forehand, Foremost, Forward, Front, Frontal, General, Governance, Governing, Government, Great, Greatest, Guidance, Guiding, Handling, Head, Heading, Headmost, Hegemonic, Hegemonistic, Highest, Husbandry, Imperative, Important, In ascendancy, In charge, In chief, In the ascendant, Inaugural, Influential, Initial, Initiatory, Lead, Magisterial, Maiden, Main, Management, Managerial, Managery, Managing, Manipulation, Master, Matchless, Mighty, Momentous, Monocratic, Noted, Notorious, Official, Ordering, Outstanding, Overriding, Overruling, Paramount, Peerless, Pilotage, Popular, Potent, Powerful, Precedent, Preceding, Precessional, Precursory, Predominant, Predominate, Preeminent, Prefatory, Preliminary, Preludial, Prelusive, Premier, Preparatory, Prepollent, Preponderant, Preponderate, Prepotent, Prestigious, Prevailing, Prevalent, Prevenient, Primal, Primary, Prime, Principal, Prior, Proemial, Prominent, Propaedeutic, Puissant, Ranking, Regnant, Regulating, Regulation, Regulative, Regulatory, Reigning, Ruling, Running, Senior, Sovereign, Star, Steerage, Steering, Stellar, Substantial, Supereminent, Superior, Supreme, The conn, The helm, The wheel, Topflight, Topmost, Totalitarian, Unsurpassed, Uppermost, Weighty

How to use Leading in a sentence?

  1. When you are dealing with the leading man of your company you need to be sure to put off your best impression.
  2. My team was leading everyone in points, which meant we would be going to the playoffs as the number one seed.
  3. An appropriate amount of white space in a document greatly impacts readability and can be achieved through adjusting the leading .
  4. Things can be learned in many ways (spiritual leading is one way you pointed).
  5. A number of leading politicians.

Meaning of Leading & Leading Definition

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What is The Meaning of Leading?

  • Guide, guide and encourage others to carry out their plans. This is one of the four tasks of process management.

Meanings of Leading

  1. Guidance, especially in a spiritual context.

  2. Space between print lines.

Sentences of Leading

  1. Things can be studied in different ways (the spiritual direction is pointed out to you in a way).

  2. Some important politicians

  3. Most scrapbook users do not know what caring is and how to adapt it.


Definition of Leading:

  • Leading means: Guide, instruct and motivate others to carry out their plans. This is one of the four functions of process management.

Meanings of Leading

  1. Leadership or guidance, especially in a spiritual context.

  2. The space between the print lines

  3. (A person or animal) walks with you using his hands, dumbbells, ropes, etc. When you move forward

  4. Be the way or means of access to a particular place or a particular direction.

  5. Responsible or commander

  6. Take advantage of rivals in a race or competition.

  7. Experience is or is (a specific way of life).

Sentences of Leading

  1. He went out and led the brown horse.

  2. The door opens to a long hallway.

  3. The military delegation was led by the Chief of Staff.

  4. Continued with intervals of 105 to 30, respectively.

  5. She lives a completely safe life.

Synonyms of Leading

number-one, orchestrate, domineer, most illustrious, top-tier, chair, spend, show someone the way, supervise, ■■■■■■, first-rate, connect with/to, be in front, marshal, be in control of, take, run the show, live, reign over, hold sway over, be the head of, give on to, help, be first, of the first rank, preside over, organize, see, provide a route to


How Do You Define Leading?

  1. Leading refers to Guide, instruct and encourage others to put their plans into action. This is one of the four functions of process management.

Meanings of Leading

  1. (A person or animal) walks with you using your hands, dumbbells, ropes, etc. When moving forward.

  2. A way or means of access to a particular place or a particular direction.

  3. Take the lead in the race or competition.

  4. Experience is or is (a special way of life).

Sentences of Leading

  1. The door opens onto a long hallway.

  2. This is followed by an interval of 105 to 30, respectively

Synonyms of Leading

be ahead, be in charge of, have control of, be the leader of, top-rank, pre-eminent, guide, rule, be winning, lead the way, be in power over, come first, notable, shepherd, regulate, administer, most important, be in the lead, usher, have, be out in front