Leading question

Leading question,

Definition of Leading question:

  1. A question that prompts or encourages the desired answer.

  2. Legal: In witness examination, leading questions are those that try to stack the deck of evidence one way or the other by putting words in the witness mouth. Such questions are usually not allowed in the direct examination of the witness, but are generally permissible in cross examination or where the subject matter has already been put in evidence by the other side.

  3. Market research: Query that uses emotionally loaded (prodding) words, and usually elicits a predictable Yes or No answer from a respondent in a survey. Statistical results based on leading questions are prone to give an unrealistic picture of the consumer opinions or trends.

How to use Leading question in a sentence?

  1. When the attorney attempted to solicit a specific answer from his client via the substance of his question, the opposing counsel objected that the attorney had posed a leading question .
  2. You need to try and figure out where someone is trying to take you any time they ask you a leading question .
  3. After a few leading questions about his earlier life, he talked almost nonstop.
  4. The leading question was a form of bait that the witness ate hook line and sinker as the prosecutions plan worked well.

Meaning of Leading question & Leading question Definition