Lead (Pb)

Lead (Pb),

Definition of Lead (Pb):

  1. Be in charge or command of.

  2. Have the advantage over competitors in a race or game.

  3. Cause (a person or animal) to go with one by holding them by the hand, a halter, a rope, etc. while moving forward.

  4. The chief part in a play or film.

  5. The initiative in an action; an example for others to follow.

  6. Be a route or means of access to a particular place or in a particular direction.

  7. The distance advanced by a screw in one turn.

  8. Have or experience (a particular way of life).

  9. A strap or cord for restraining and guiding a dog or other domestic animal.

  10. A wire that conveys electric current from a source to an appliance, or that connects two points of a circuit together.

  11. A position of advantage in a contest; first place.

  12. Heavy metal that can cause mental retardation, and increase in the rate of infections and cancer by blunting bodys defense mechanisms (the immune system). Lead accumulates in blood, bones, and soft tissue and may result in damage to brain, central and peripheral nervous system, and kidneys. While its suggested threshold is 0.4 part-per-million (ppm) for adults and 0.3 ppm for children, people can exhibit lead poisoning symptoms at 0.2 ppm. Lead intake can occur through water stored in lead pipes, food contaminated by lead in soil, lead-paint flakes, or motor exhaust that contains lead compounds as anti-knocking or performance enhancing additives in gasoline.

  13. An artificial watercourse leading to a mill.

Synonyms of Lead (Pb)

Experience, Have, Live, Pass, Spend, Undergo, Leading role, Star role, Starring role, Star part, Title role, Principal part, Open on to, Give on to, Connect to, Connect with, Provide a route to, Communicate with, Be the leader of, Be the head of, Preside over, Hold sway over, Head, Leading position, Leading place, First place, Advance position, Van, Vanguard, First position, Head place, Forefront, Primacy, Dominance, Superiority, Precedence, Ascendancy, Guide, Conduct, Show, Show someone the way, Lead the way, Usher, Escort, Steer, Pilot, Marshal, Shepherd, Be ahead, Be winning, Be in front, Be out in front, Be in the lead, Be first, Come first, Leash, Tether, Rein, Cord, Rope, Chain, Line

How to use Lead (Pb) in a sentence?

  1. She had the lead in a new film.
  2. A substance lead of mineral form that has a poisonous affect if swallowed or inhaled or consumed by human consumption that is harmful to babies and children and found in paints and etc.
  3. On a single thread screw the pitch and the lead are equal; on a double thread screw the lead is twice the pitch.
  4. There was a large metal case, with various wires, leads, and tubes connected.
  5. She emerged leading a bay horse.
  6. The toys were recalled by the government and China was cautioned not to export any more items with a high lead content, due to its toxicity.
  7. He followed up with a break of 105 to lead 3-0.
  8. Shes led a completely sheltered life.
  9. The door led to a long hallway.
  10. The dog is our constant walking companion and is always kept on a lead.
  11. Britain is now taking the lead in environmental policies.
  12. The team burst into life and took the lead.
  13. Lead paint used to be used in houses everywhere until it was discovered the lead used in it was poisonous.
  14. A military delegation was led by the Chief of Staff.

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