Definition of Leachate:

  1. Water that has percolated through a solid and leached out some of the constituents.

  2. Water escaping from a landfill site which, if not collected, will contaminate the natural water sources.

How to use Leachate in a sentence?

  1. Already, from the illegal dumping that has already been done at the site, toxic leachate has polluted ground water reaching the Carrigower and Slaney river systems.
  2. We had to keep an eye out on the landfill because we did not want a leachate to happen cause that could hurt our people.
  3. The leachate was of vital concern to not only the residents but the cheif executive officer of the corporation cared deeply about it as well.
  4. You must always be sure there is no leachate escaping from any of your businesses so that you arent polluting the environment.

Meaning of Leachate & Leachate Definition