Lds Mission Disqualifications

Lds Mission Disqualifications

Does this disqualify you from the LDS mission? 3

Well, I am 21 years old and want to serve the LDS mission. But I don't know if I'm eligible. I have some issues with LofC. I don't know how long it will take to complete this mission. I spoke to the president of the BE mission and he told me at least a year ago, but I'm not sure.

Another question is that I am taking allergy medicine and I have to take medicine every day, I will be vaccinated soon and I will be 2 years old, what will happen if I go on a mission?

I live in a place with a few members, it's a little bit and the president of NH doesn't know, he said I can still go on a mission but he doesn't believe so I don't want to be angry and later I don't want to make up my mind. does. I plan to send a letter in 6 months.


If you could use this book to refute LDS beliefs, do you think it would become common knowledge for all human enemies? But instead they always use another argument that there is no water. So I'm glad to see your very straightforward argument. I heard a lot.

Talk to your president. Please talk to him and ■■■■ will tell you if he is ready to serve.

Sincerely, Please visit the mission site soon.

It's not about waiting a bit. The biggest sin is whether you really repent or not. The process of repentance is different for everyone. Some can do it quickly, others take longer. So you need to know your partner, because it can help him to repent. He will also decide if you are willing to serve a mission, not the president of the mission closest to you ... he will not be the president of your mission either, so when I think you Why are you asking for advice, he really couldn't do that. They do not help you and we are all different. It may work for someone who has taken a year off, but that doesn't mean you will. You may need more. You may need less. However, in terms of the severity of the sin, this is not a problem that can be solved in a day or a week. Repentance takes time, and you should not seek it out until you have overcome it.

If you have a medical problem, you may be asked to wait until the problem is resolved. If it's not serious, if your condition worsens and you need reliable medical care, you can stay in the United States. That doesn't mean you shouldn't serve.

Of course, if your SP doesn't believe you can serve, you can't serve. Repentance is possible for anything. Just go through it, but in any case you can send your documents only after the approval of SP or NH President. Talk to her right away.

Finally, the decision was made by the General Authority of the SLC Mission Office. What you say does not automatically exclude you. Of course, it depends on your desire to serve, your sincere repentance, and the movement of your priestly leaders.

If you feel you have been called to the service, do not be discouraged. If this is true, it will happen. I make it a matter of personal prayer and then let your faith and conscience guide you. If you are ready, you will not be in trouble.

The president of the mission was right. However, if you are sincere in serving a mission, talk to your Spanish or national president. He knew the information he was looking for.

Lds Mission Disqualifications

Lds Mission Disqualifications

I love it when LDS missionaries come to my door and I discuss the book with them. Of course I'm going on a mission, I'm looking forward to it.

Lds Mission Disqualifications