Definition of Layoff:

  1. Exemption defines the process of temporarily or permanently suspending or dismissing an employee for reasons other than the actual performance of the employee. Dismissal is not the same as complete dismissal, which can result in inefficient employment, professional error or breach of duty.

  2. The length of time that a person does not play a sport or other routine activity.

  3. Temporary dismissal of one or more employees.

  4. In their original context, vacations were intended to refer to temporary work breaks, but the term was changed over time to describe a permanent shortage of wages. Dismissals can be made with employees whose jobs were terminated because the employer was closed or changed. Workers may also be replaced due to slowness or interference in production.

  5. Suspension or dismissal by employer or management (with or without notice). Dismissal is not due to a mistake in employment, but due to reasons such as lack of work, money or materials. Permanent discharge is known as redundancy.

Synonyms of Layoff

Conge, Retirement, Hesitation, Suspension, Pink slip, Unemployment, Intermittence, Discharge, Truce, Holiday, Drop, The ax, Unemployment insurance, Lapse, Rest, Interruption, Cyclical unemployment, Letup, Technological unemployment, Interval, Seasonal unemployment, Break, Respite, Day off, Inoccupation, Forced separation, Surplusing, Lull, Recess, Drumming out, Abeyance, Stand-down, The bounce, Displacing, Disemployment, Furlough, Walking papers, Interim, Dismissal, Normal unemployment, Intermezzo, Cashiering, Interlude, Discharge, The sack, Furloughing, Removal, Dismissal, Caesura, The gate, Deposal, Remission, Ticket, Pause, Cease-fire, Vacation, Stay, Redundancy, Firing, Intermission, The boot

How to use Layoff in a sentence?

  1. Dismissal can have a psychological effect on workers who are still working and raise concerns about their safety at work. .
  2. Manpower canceled due to holidays.
  3. They need to heal their wounds or be refreshed after a long period of discharge.
  4. Leafs are very different from total roofs, which can be the result of inefficient work performance or unacceptable behavior in the workplace.
  5. The launch was unexpected, but everyone was prepared for such an event, so there were no catastrophic consequences.
  6. Leaving an employee for reasons other than the employee's actual performance is an unpleasant act for the employer. .
  7. The sprinkling rate was very high and I was reluctant to look for work there because I might be fired.
  8. Sometimes, when your company goes bad, you need to fire some employees, even though you think they are doing a good job.

Meaning of Layoff & Layoff Definition