Layering: What is the Meaning of Layering?

Layering definition is: Creating an insurance coverage program using the over-loss approach A tiered program involves a series of insurers who purchase coverage, each of whom exceeds the lower limit set by the other insurers. General liability insurance is often structured so that different general insurance companies cover different rates according to the deductions and ultimately offer full coverage and high level coverage to the policyholder.

Meanings of Layering

  1. Laying something.

  2. The process or activity of spreading plants

Sentences of Layering

  1. The second danger is that the amount of layers, arrangements and productions that make up music are beyond our reach and beyond our productivity.

  2. Large or altered plants are regenerated by cloning through falling twigs.

Synonyms of Layering

plate , coat , overlayer , foil , foliate , stratify , exfoliate , split , veneer , flake , separate , face , layer