Definition of Layer:

The horizontal part of the insured liability, for example, the second کا 100,000 of the liability of 500 500,000, is the first degree if the guarantor or holds the degree of 100,000, but if less If the amount remains the same, the rate will be higher.

Layer means, Insurance liabilities Horizontal segment, for example, second دوسرا 100,000 of liability of $ 500,000, first class if the transfer party takes $ 100,000, but if the transfer party takes less money Is top notch.

Meanings of Layer

  1. Arrange on one or more levels.

  2. Multiply (plants) in one turn.

  3. The sheet, quantity, or thickness of the material, usually covers one of the many surfaces or bodies.

  4. Someone or something that represents something.

  5. Sprouts are ready to take root when attached to the Madhu plant.

Sentences of Layer

  1. Cover the potato and zucchini slices in the skeleton

  2. Instead of buying more plants, Eva multiplied them by planting them.

  3. Bears rely on a layer of bulbur to keep them warm in the water.

  4. Insects are a productive product layer

Synonyms of Layer

coat, slab , thickness , coping , ply , band , blanket , floor , skin, overlay , bed , couch , stripe , film, covering , fold , girdle , cover , flag , surface, panel , row , flap , blanket, overlap , sheet , stratum , lap , zone , sheet

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What is The Meaning of Layer?

Layer means, Pledged Loyalty Horizontal class, for example, the second کا 100,000 of $ 500,000 loyalty, the first rank if the transfer has $ 100,000, but the upper rank has a smaller amount.

Pledged Loyalty Horizontal class, for example, the second $ 100,000 of the 500,000 loyalty, the first rank if the transfer has $ 100,000, but the lower rank has a lower amount.

Meanings of Layer

  1. The sheet, quantity or thickness of the material, usually one of several, covers the surface or body.

  2. Someone or something that picks up.

  3. Attached to the mother plant, the shoot is ready to take root.

  4. Explained in one or more degrees.

  5. Reproduce (plants) in one layer.

Sentences of Layer

  1. Put a layer of eggplant on the plate.

  2. Mostly surface fish

  3. Can be spread with cuts and layers

  4. Place the potato and zucchini pieces in the skeleton.

Synonyms of Layer

veneer, coating


What is The Meaning of Layer?

Layer definition is: The horizontal segment of the Promise Loyalty, for example, the second $ 100,000 of the 500,000 Loyalty, is the first if the Pine holds $ 100,000, but the upper part holds less.

Layer refers to Promise Loyalty Horizontal class, for example, the second کا 100,000 of $ 500,000 loyalty, is the first level if the transferor has $ 100,000 but the top has less.

Meanings of Layer

  1. The sheet, the amount or thickness of the material, usually one of several, covers a surface or body.

  2. Someone or something that picks up something.

  3. The shoot is ready to take root while connecting to the mother plant.

  4. Described in one or more levels.

Sentences of Layer

  1. Place the eggplant layer on a plate

  2. Cover the potato and zucchini pieces in the pan.