Lay-up Warranty

Lay-up Warranty,

Definition of Lay-up Warranty:

  • The term used in cruise ship policy defines the period at which a ship is moored and does not sail.

Literal Meanings of Lay-up Warranty


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Meanings of Warranty:
  1. There is a written guarantee that the buyer of an item has received it from the manufacturer and promised to repair it or, if necessary, replace it within a specified period.

Sentences of Warranty
  1. The car has a three year warranty

Synonyms of Warranty

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Lay-up Warranty,

What Does Lay-up Warranty Mean?

Definition of Lay-up Warranty: Conditions in cruise ship guidelines that specify when a cruise ship is in port and not operating.

Literal Meanings of Lay-up Warranty


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Meanings of Warranty:
  1. Written warranty issued by the manufacturer to the buyer of the item and promise to repair or replace it within a specified period if necessary.