What does listlessness mean?

| mangle a dai cal Misuse in a sentence. Adjective. The definition of a moron is someone who has no mind or no interest. An example of someone labeled as deficient is someone who does their homework selfless and shy.

So what does an incorrect setting mean?

malfunction. While the lack of sound seems to have something to do with the lack of daisies, you know what it really means is a lack of intelligence or zest for action. A person lacking in attitude shows no enthusiasm and seeks timidly.

What does a conversation also mean?

Adjective lakuhDAYzihkul. : Lack of life, spirit or joy: lethargic.

Similarly, you might ask: How do you use imperfections in a sentence?


  1. After the operation I was deficient for a few days.
  2. I hope the medicine doesn't make you drowsy or disabled.
  3. When I don't get enough service in a restaurant, I usually don't go back.

Laxidasique is a word?

Adjective. without interest, without power, or determined dullness: an imperfect effort. slowly lazy: a man with defects.

What is the synonym for apathetic?

Adjective. I missed the synonyms for training. indifferent, lazy, lax, enthusiastic, lukewarm, disinterested, lukewarm, indifferent, indifferent, carefree, informal, casual, dull, insignificant, calm, relaxed.

What is a laconic person?

poor. Laconic is an adjective that describes a style of speaking or writing that uses few words to express often complex thoughts and ideas. A more concise spelling of the last sentence might be the following: concise means short. This friend can be described as poor.

Where does the word listless come from?

Strangely enough, it owes its origin to an old saying of regret or dismay, lack of day !, a shortened form of day alakka! Alack dates back to the Middle Ages and is probably due to the lack of dialect words otherwise interpreted as failure, error, shame, shame or shame.

Which part of the speech is incorrect?


What does the word debauchery mean?

Definition of rampant lack of moral will or discipline or promiscuity (exhibited during casual sex) or unwillingness to abide by accepted rules. A woman or man who has casual sex regardless of the consequences is an example of someone who can be described as unhappy.

Lazy is short for lack?

Lazy means knowingly giving up work to save yourself. Default means the lack of a goal.

Is abundance a word?

Verb (used with or without object), over in dulged, over in dulging.

What is the definition of annoying?

Adjective. Lack of strength or limp or lifeless vitality: a boring journey. Lack of wit or indifferent apathetic interest.

What is Lacadestic?

  1. Lack of enthusiasm or interest Informal Informal Lazy: If you’re not late to college, you’re not that far off in class. [From apathy, changes from apathy.]

How do you use alienation in a sentence?

4 The government cannot afford to alienate any of the groups. 5 Disagreements can alienate young people from their families. 6 His attempt to alienate the two friends failed because they were completely safe. 7 I hope nothing will prevent his brothers from seeing him.

How do you use the word slough in a sentence?

In order to grow, reptiles shed their old skin in a process called molting. Many people here are desperate. Or fall into a hopeless hibernation where I can’t access the keyboard. I’m surprised you don’t want to get out of this pool of religious ignorance and confusion.

How do you use imminent in a sentence?

Upcoming example sentences

What does it mean to delete someone?

Line I hope someone. Destroy plans, disappointment or disillusionment. For example, his fall destroyed her hopes for a gold medal. This term uses hyphens to denote destruction, a use that survives only in this term. [

What does your dashboard mean?

do (s) hyphen

Does Top Secret have a hyphen?

With hyphens the connection is interpreted as an adjective and the expression is incomplete: is it top secret ?


Add a name and the sentence is complete: it’s a top secret document, it’s a top secret organization.

What does it mean to be affected by poverty?

A poor person or a poor place suffers the consequences of extreme poverty: some beggars are neither poor nor homeless. There are hardly any jobs for the peasants who flock to the cities of the poor country in search of work. Synonyms. Weapons.