Definition of Lax:

  1. Loose, unrestrictive. For example, a company may have lax policies on their dress codes, allowing their employees to wear jeans every day.

Synonyms of Lax

Micawberish, Paphian, Abandoned, Accented, Accepting, Admissive, Aleatoric, Aleatory, Allowing, Alveolar, Amorphous, Apical, Apico-alveolar, Apico-dental, Approximate, Approximative, Articulated, Assimilated, Back, Backward, Bagging, Baggy, Barytone, Behindhand, Bilabial, Blobby, Blurred, Blurry, Bone-lazy, Broad, Broad-minded, Cacuminal, Cadging, Careless, Central, Cerebral, Chambering, Chance, Chancy, Chaotic, Checked, Clement, Close, Compassionate, Confused, Consenting, Consonant, Consonantal, Continuant, Culpably negligent, Dallying, Dangling, Delaying, Delinquent, Dental, Derelict, Dilatory, Dillydallying, Disordered, Disregardful, Dissimilated, Do-nothing, Doless, Dorsal, Dronish, Drony, Drooping, Ease, Ease off, Easy, Easygoing, Ergophobic, Faineant, Flabby, Flaccid, Flapping, Flat, Flimsy, Floppy, Foggy, Foot-dragging, Forbearant, Forbearing, Forgetful, Forgiving, Freethinking, Front, Fuzzy, General, Gentle, Glide, Glossal, Glottal, Go-go, Good-for-nothing, Guttural, Hanging, Hard, Hazy, Heavy, High, Hit-or-miss, Humane, Ill-defined, Immoderate, Impotent, Imprecise, Inaccurate, Inadvertent, Inattentive, Inchoate, Incoherent, Incontinent, Incorrect, Indecisive, Indefinable, Indefinite, Indeterminable, Indeterminate, Indifferent, Indistinct, Indolent, Indulgent, Inexact, Intemperate, Intonated, Irrepressible, Labial, Labiodental, Labiovelar, Lackadaisical, Laggard, Lagging, Laissez-faire, Lateral, Latitudinarian, Lazy, Lenient, Liberal, Libertarian, Libertine, Licentious, Light, Limp, Lingering, Lingual, Liquid, Loitering, Loose, Loose-moraled, Loosen, Low, Merciful, Mid, Mild, Moderate, Monophthongal, Muted, Narrow, Nasal, Nasalized, Neglectful, Neglecting, Negligent, Nonaggressive, Noninterfering, Nonprohibitive, Nonrestrictive, Nonspecific, Oblivious, Obscure, Occlusive, Of easy virtue, Of loose morals, Off-guard, Open, Open-minded, Orderless, Out of control, Out of hand, Out of line, Out of plumb, Out of square, Out of true, Overindulgent, Overly permissive, Overpermissive, Oxytone, Palatal, Palatalized, Parasitic, Patient, Permissive, Permitting, Pharyngeal, Pharyngealized, Phonemic, Phonetic, Phonic, Pitch, Pitched, Posttonic, Procrastinating, Procrastinative, Procrastinatory, Promiscuous, Rampant, Random, Regardless, Reinless, Relax, Relaxed, Remiss, Retroflex, Rickety, Riotous, Rounded, Rubbery, Scamping, Scrounging, Semivowel, Shadowed forth, Shadowy, Shaky, Shapeless, Shiftless, Shuffling, Skimping, Slack, Slacken, Slighting, Slipshod, Sloppy, Slothful, Slow, Sluggish, Slurring, Soft, Sonant, Sponging, Stochastic, Stopped, Streaming, Stressed, Strong, Suffering, Surd, Sweeping, Syllabic, Tender, Tense, Thick, Throaty, Tolerant, Tolerating, Tonal, Tonic, Twangy, Unaccented, Unbigoted, Unbridled, Unchecked, Uncircumspect, Unclear, Uncoerced, Uncompelled, Unconstrained, Uncontrolled, Uncurbed, Undefined, Undestined, Undetermined, Unenterprising, Unfactual, Unforced, Ungoverned, Unguarded, Uninhibited, Unmastered, Unmeasured, Unmindful, Unmuzzled, Unplain, Unprecise, Unprohibitive, Unreined, Unrepressed, Unreserved, Unrestrained, Unrestrictive, Unrigorous, Unrounded, Unruly, Unspecified, Unstressed, Unsubdued, Unsuppressed, Untighten, Unwary, Unwatchful, Vague, Veiled, Velar, Vocalic, Vocoid, Voiced, Voiceless, Vowel, Vowellike, Wanton, Wayward, Weak, Whorish, Wide, Wild, Work-shy

Meaning of Lax & Lax Definition