Definition of Lawful:

  1. Allowable or permissible by being in conformity with laws, principles, regulations, statutes, etc., meant to govern or regulate a particular activity or conduct. See also legal and legitimate.

  2. Conforming to, permitted by, or recognized by law or rules.

Synonyms of Lawful

Actionable, Admissible, Allowable, Allowed, Applicable, Authentic, Authoritative, Authorized, Balanced, Binding, Bona fide, Candid, Card-carrying, Cogent, Competent, Consistent, Constitutional, De jure, Defensible, Deserved, Dinkum, Due, Equitable, Even, Evenhanded, Fair, Fair and square, Fit, Following the letter, Genuine, Good, Honest, Honest-to-God, Inartificial, Judicial, Juridical, Just, Justiciable, Justifiable, Justified, Kosher, Lawmaking, Legal, Legislative, Legit, Legitimate, Legitimized, Level, Licit, Lifelike, Literal, Logical, Meet, Meet and right, Merited, Natural, Naturalistic, Original, Permissible, Permitted, Proper, Pure, Real, Realistic, Right, Right and proper, Rightful, Sanctionable, Sanctioned, Self-consistent, Simon-pure, Simple, Sincere, Solid, Sound, Square, Statutory, Sterling, Substantial, Sufficient, Sure-enough, True to life, True to nature, True to reality, Unadulterated, Unaffected, Unassumed, Unassuming, Uncolored, Unconcocted, Uncopied, Uncounterfeited, Undisguised, Undisguising, Undistorted, Unexaggerated, Unfabricated, Unfanciful, Unfeigned, Unfeigning, Unfictitious, Unflattering, Unimagined, Unimitated, Uninvented, Unpretended, Unpretending, Unqualified, Unromantic, Unsimulated, Unspecious, Unsynthetic, Unvarnished, Valid, Verbal, Verbatim, Veridical, Verisimilar, Warrantable, Warranted, Weighty, Well-founded, Well-grounded, Within the law, Word-for-word, Legitimate, Legal, Licit, Just, Permissible, Permitted, Allowable, Allowed, Rightful, Proper, Constitutional, Legalized, Sanctioned, Authorized, Warranted, Justified, Justifiable, Approved, Recognized, Admissible, Above board, Within the law, Going by the rules

How to use Lawful in a sentence?

  1. It is an offense to carry a weapon in public without lawful authority.

Meaning of Lawful & Lawful Definition