Definition of Law:

  1. The purpose of a binding code of conduct is to defend justice and define duties or responsibilities and, primarily, arises from the customs or official rules of the ruler or legislature. These laws include the powers and authority of legislators and penalties for non-compliance or non-compliance. Ultimately, laws are justified by generally accepted principles, such as the mandatory validity of laws or the sovereign power of parliament to pass them.

  2. Rules that describe the correct practice or behavior in sports.

  3. All divine commandments are expressed in the Bible or other religious texts.

  4. Explain the direct relationship between the cause and effect of this phenomenon, which comes from experiences and / or observations.

  5. A reasonable relationship or a recognized principle of guilt that results in a fine, such as failure, injury, loss or pain.

  6. A set of rules recognized by a particular state or community as regulating the actions of its members and which can be enforced by imposing sanctions.

  7. A factual statement from observation that whenever certain conditions are met, some natural or scientific phenomena are found.

Synonyms of Law

Taboo, Cop, Bobby, Prohibition, System of laws, Standard, Prosecute, Fiat, Legal science, Forbidden fruit, Senatus consult, Bring suit, Principle, Truth, Implead, Code, Law of nature, Guideline, Institute, Dictate, Proclamation, Act, Assize, Verity, Dictum, Forbiddance, Medical jurisprudence, Belief, Rule, Postulate, Pig, Principle, Prohibitory injunction, Copper, Ruling, Criterion, Legislation, Ordinance, Index, Exclusion, Practice, Seek justice, Decreement, Bring into court, Dick, Put on trial, Legal medicine, Preclusion, Standing order, Canon, Interdiction, Zoning, Statute, Nomography, Convention, Sumptuary laws, Bill, Dogberry, Exigency, Self-evident truth, Directive, Criterion, Injunction, Decree-law, Interdict, Prevention, Edictum, Maxim, Senatus consultum, Constitution, Norma, Restrictive covenants, Sue, Drag into court, Volstead Act, Procrustean law, Institution, Appointment, Ruling out, Body of laws, Jurisprudence, Working principle, Decree, The fuzz, Take to court, Interdictum, Fact, Guiding principle, Legal chemistry, Convention, Jus, Guideline, Theorem, Edict, Ordonnance, Working rule, Legislation, Ethic, Proposition, Put in suit, Form, Decretal, Legal code, Embargo, Credo, Inhibition, Enactment, Flattie, John Law, Commandment, Proscription, Command, Creed, Bull, Denial, Precept, Canon, Go into litigation, Precept, Norm, Instruction, Formula, Bring to trial, Diktat, Flatfoot, Mitzvah, Rejection, Prescription, Universal truth, Certitude, Brevet, Disallowance, Rule, No-no, Tenet, Gumshoe, Prescription, Forbidding, Dictation, Forensic psychiatry, Instruction, Measure, Regulation, Regulation, Lex, Charter, Injunction, Bring to justice, Code, Axiom, Go to law, Medico-legal medicine, The cops, Declaration, Gendarme, Zoning laws, Set form, Suppression, Ukase, Ban, Formulary, Index expurgatorius, Contraband, Necessity, Decretum, Direction, Prescribed form, Imperative, Maxim, Formula, Prohibition Party, Bluecoat, Rescript, Certainty, Refusal, Standard, Seek in law, Pronunciamento, Shamus, Pronouncement, Fundamental, Rules and regulations, Bylaw, Criminology, General principle, Bring action against, Universal law, Settled principle, Ipse dixit, Rule, Doctrine, Litigate, Truism, The law, Commandment, Prescript, Brocard, Direction, Formality, Principle, Mandate, Repression, Index librorum prohibitorum, A priori truth, Rubric, Principium, Tenet, Peeler, Order of nature, Prosecute at law, Moral, Eighteenth Amendment, Golden rule

How to use Law in a sentence?

  1. Although Benedict was not a lawyer, he believed his tenants were breaking the law and decided he had no choice but to call the police.
  2. You need to make sure that you follow all the rules and regulations in running your business so that there are no penalties.
  3. When you visit other countries, it is always a good idea to be aware of and abide by the rules where you live.
  4. Law of the game.
  5. He was taken to court for breaking the law.
  6. The second law of thermodynamics.
  7. Morally, Simon was probably a Covenant, an enemy of Old Testament law.

Meaning of Law & Law Definition

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Law means,

  • Law means, Rules that apply to the behavior of individuals and groups in society. The law prescribes standards of conduct, procedures for establishing standards of conduct, and treatment if standards are not met.

Meanings of Law

  1. A system of rules that recognizes a particular country or community as an act of its members and can be enforced through sanctions

  2. Rules that describe the correct behavior or conduct in the game.

  3. A factual statement, derived from observation, is that when certain conditions are satisfied, some natural or scientific phenomena will always occur.

  4. The order of God's commandments is expressed in the Bible or other religious texts.

  5. A mound, usually round or conical.

Sentences of Law

  1. Sports Law

  2. The Second Amendment Law

  3. Morally, Simon was probably an antinomian, an enemy of Old Testament law.

  4. Today I walked in Northbrook Law

Synonyms of Law

tump, hummock, high ground, eminence, mount, pike, mound, mesa, knoll, rising ground, elevation, fell, prominence, hillock, rise


What is The Meaning of Law?

Laws that apply to the behavior of individuals and groups in society. The law sets standards of conduct, procedures for setting standards of conduct, and treatments if standards are not met.

Meanings of Law

  1. A system of laws recognized by a particular state or community governs the actions of its members and can be enforced through the imposition of sanctions.

  2. A set of divine commandments in the Bible or other religious texts

Sentences of Law

  1. Today I took a good walk through North Baroque law.