Law of diminishing returns

Law of diminishing returns,

Definition of Law of diminishing returns:

  1. The concept of an economy in which the unit production of a variable factor decreases when the factor of production (e.g., number of workers) increases, while other factors (such as machinery and workspace) remain constant.

    Although the production of marginal wages decreases with increasing production, a decrease in income does not indicate a negative return unless (for example) the number of workers from the available machinery or work area. Don't overdo it. In everyday experience, this law is expressed in such a way that the profit is not proportional ...

How to use Law of diminishing returns in a sentence?

  1. The law of reduction of return was mentioned in the meeting, so we have to recognize the graph that represents it.
  2. Some products are subject to reduced return rules. Therefore, you should try to delete them as soon as possible.
  3. I'm telling you to be careful because the perishable return law talks about how the company will close if you are not careful.

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