Law firm

Law firm,

Definition of Law firm:

  1. A meeting of lawyers working together under a specific name. A law firm can only focus on certain types of law (such as commercial law) or handle different matters of general law. A law firm can also employ a litigation secretary, data entry specialist and case manager. A law firm can have only two or even a hundred lawyers.

How to use Law firm in a sentence?

  1. Susan is determined to hire a world-class law firm she hires and is shocked to hear of numerous tax evasion allegations by lawyers.
  2. The office is very well established and it is a pleasure to be a part of it because everyone is working so hard.
  3. When you advertise in a simple cable ad, you can always tell a bad law firm. It is a pity that these lawyers continue to promote their services in bad advertisements.

Meaning of Law firm & Law firm Definition