Law and order

Law and order,

Definition of Law and order:

  1. A situation characterized by respect for and obedience to the rules of a society.

  2. State of society where vast majority of population respects the rule of law, and where the law enforcement agencies observe laws that limit their powers. Maintaining law and order implies firm dealing with occurrences of theft, violence, and disturbance of peace, and rapid enforcement of penalties imposed under criminal law. See also rule of law.

Synonyms of Law and order

Law and order, Lawfulness, Order, Peacefulness, Peaceableness, Harmony, Harmoniousness, Accord, Concord, Amity, Amicableness, Goodwill, Friendship, Cordiality, Non-aggression, Non-violence

How to use Law and order in a sentence?

  1. We live in a society where we must maintain law and order . The police must enforce the laws to maintain order.
  2. The dictates of law and order state that we must create and establish a clear code of conduct, and your recent behavior is a serious breach of our code.
  3. His forces were preparing to withdraw from the province after restoring law and order.
  4. It was necessary to maintain law and order in the court as the protesters entered the trial chanting and locking arms.

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