Lavatory Vs Water Closet

Lavatory Vs Water Closet

Attention of architects / designers / buildings !! What is the difference between sink / toilet? 3

I am trying to work on a project and the building code specifies the bathroom requirements in the room, for example what is the difference?


Thank you very much. Everything is sorted. So basically the bathroom is just a sink, or a similar explanation I got from the open code.

Yes, the bathroom. The sink is a sink.

Toilet vs. sink

This page can help you.


Attention: Architects / Designers / Construction !! What's the difference between a sink and a bathroom?

I am trying to work on a project and building code requires bathroom and toilet in living room. What is ME different?

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The bathroom is one or the bedroom with one.

It may or may not have a sink for washing.

A sink is a toilet or dressing table.

Yes, there is a sink and it has all the necessary elements, a sink and so on.

Lavatory Vs Water Closet