Definition of Latter:

  1. The terms used to refer to the last item in a particular list, usually two items. I worked for Company A and Company B, but this is my favorite. This shows that Company B is my favorite company for which I work.

  2. Near or near the end of something compared to the beginning.

  3. Displays a second or second mention of two people or things.

Synonyms of Latter

Second, Concluding, Second-mentioned, Closing, Later, Last, End, Last-mentioned, Second of the two, Later, Final, Hindmost

How to use Latter in a sentence?

  1. Russia can go to Germany or Austria. He chose the latter option.
  2. Second Semester of 1989
  3. My favorite books are Harry Potter and the Lord of the Rings, but if I had to choose one, I chose the latter.
  4. I like yellow and green clothes, but I chose them later because they match my eyes.
  5. You have two job options and choose the last one because the first option doesn't pay much.

Meaning of Latter & Latter Definition