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Last mile,

Definition of Last mile:

  1. 'Last mile' is used to describe the short geographical segment of delivery of communication and media services or delivery of products to customers located in dense areas. Last-mile logistics tend to be complex and costly to providers of goods and services who deliver to these areas.

  2. Delivery of telecommunications and media content is instantaneous and very fast for physical products to the perimeter of a densely-populated area. Imagine a trunk line leading to the edge of a city or metropolitan area. The branches and leaves must then spread out across the tightly-packed buildings and streets to serve customers working and living there. The edge of the city to the customer inside the city is the last mile.

  3. The final phase of laying down the infrastructure to allow connection between a telecommunications facility and its customers. It is usually used when referring to telephones, cable, internet, and wireless services. The cost of installing telecommunication towers and wireless cables escalates when the consumer is located in a rural area.

How to use Last mile in a sentence?

  1. The last mile refers to the short geographical distance that must be spanned to provide services to end-user customers.
  2. In communications, the last-mile is the relatively expensive and complex delivery of cables or wiring from the provider's trunk to one's home.
  3. Last-mile logistics have become a big business and a central focus for both providers of services and consumers.

Meaning of Last mile & Last mile Definition

Last Mile,

Last Mile Definition:

  1. Last mail is used to provide communication and media services or to define a small geographical portion of product delivery to consumers in densely populated areas. Last mail supply for goods and services in this area is often complex and It is expensive.

    • Last mile refers to a short geographical distance that should end at customer service.
    • In communication, the last mail from your home is the supply of relatively expensive and temporary use of cable or trunk cable from the provider.
    • The last mail supply has become a big business and a major focus for service providers and consumers.

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