Laser Etching on Monuments

A memorial headstone is a tribute to the deceased. Various varieties of memorial headstones are available for graves, along with traditional engraving and laser etching options. When selecting a monument, one of the most important choices you have to hire or take services of memorial headstone makers for customization. Well, it depends on one’s preference and choice of designs.

Apart from different styles of monuments, you can choose options for engraving names over them. Laser etching is a trending method of engraving on monuments. It has been around for some time to produce highly detailed images.

What Is the Method of Laser Etching?

The laser etching method uses a powerful laser to etch the top layer of the monument stone. It creates the desired design or name, just like printing on the monument stone. The laser etching method is useful when you want a more detailed design.

Laser etching is a less expensive method and produces a high-quality print if you can provide a high-resolution picture. In laser etching, no extra damage is done to the stone. Its smoothness is maintained during the process.

Laser Etching V/S Traditional Engraving

Laser etching is a good choice for those who want to get their monument ready faster. You can also give any custom design that you want as it is easier to laser etch than engrave. Moreover, if you have a limited budget but want to show love for your deceased, laser etching is cheaper with faster delivery. Laser etching is a preferable choice for sudden death.

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However, if you like the engraving look, it is better to think about it before death. People don’t want to think about it. However, planning will avoid delay in the later stage. You can order your monument before and then engrave the date when you need it.

Which Stones Can Be Used for Laser Etch?

Granite and marble stones can be used for laser etching. Laser etching turns the black granite or marble stone to gray. Corundum, quartz, and feldspar are the hardest naturally occurring stones.

Laser etching is done best on high-quality black granite. This is because it is easy to do the process of laser etching on it. The artist has the freedom to draw any design on a black background.

Therefore, we recommend you to choose pure black granite rather than dyed ones. Moreover, high-quality granite stone will maintain its quality even after applying chemical solvents and cleaners.

The Benefits of Laser Etching

Laser etching comes with the benefits that engraving doesn’t, such as:

High-Quality Design

As long as you supply the vendor with a high-quality image, laser etching can produce a high-quality image. Laser etching can capture even the slightest detail, such as a twinkle in the eye. This high-quality, detailed imagery gives a unique outlook.

More Information

When you choose to laser etch instead of engraving, you can fit in more information. While it may be difficult to quote a saying on a monument, laser etch makes it possible. Moreover, the quality is much better. Therefore, you can choose to add a full inscription or quotation.

Engraving needs much broader space to adjust each letter in the line. But, with laser etching, letters can be adjusted easily.

Longer Life

Because laser etching is done mostly on black granite, it lasts longer than the engraving. With time, engraving can wear out, but laser etching is a form of print that is done on the outer layer of the stone. Therefore, laser etching lives as long as the stone lives and has the same durability.

How Old Is the Process of Laser Etching?

Laser etching can be traced back to the 1980s. This is because laser etching became popular after the development of computerized systems and laser machines. Your monument vendor would help you in designing the most suitable image or text even if you don’t provide them with high-resolution imagery.

The Limitations to The Laser Etching

There are two basic limitations to the laser etching process. One is to use black granite stone so that the print can look good after completion. Therefore, you have only a choice of using black granite stone.

Another limitation is that of providing your vendor with a high-resolution image. This would help them to create a high-quality laser etch design. However, companies are now offering to redo low-resolution imagery and using it for laser etching.