Lascívia Significado Bíblico

Lascívia Significado Bíblico

What do the biblical words mean: Porfias, Lask Via, and Emol; ES? 3

Porfias: A discussion or exchange of words is called controversial.

Lucia: lust, concealment, sensuality.

Imitation: jealousy, rivalry, enmity.

Imitation, the beginning of all sins.


Feminine noun


The feeling that a person tries to reach or go beyond.

2. 2.

Competition, disinfection, competition (in the general-healthy sense, not low emotions or violence).

Art Appeal 173 Disposal Emotions Spirit Race.


s.f. (Feminine noun)

1. Emotions that lead a person to be equal or substitute for another in skill, goodness, merit, etc.

1. Enmity, enmity, enmity, rivalry.

Lascívia Significado Bíblico