Lasanha No Microondas

Lasanha No Microondas

How or Lasagna pellets or not microwave? 3

Hi I am alone, I have been away from home for a long time to study in another city because I have never cooked in my life or at least practiced in the kitchen, I bought frozen lasagna for microwave But never used it nor for that?

Hello, I am a woman, but I understand you, my father was separated from my mother, he was all proud and happy if he kicked the kings ..

Only follow the good Diritin as suggested on the back of the pack.

But I wasn't wrong for just 14 minutes, at first glance I took the lasagna and plastic strip out of the box, it was like a lasagna cover and didn't put the microphone in for 14 minutes, but look, I'm sure it £ or 14 minutes.

It contains chicken oil and one piece! ک

They were instructed.

Take out the box, film and microwave addiction is usually 14 minutes.

Then eat it with rice which is good.

Let it roam for a while ...

Removing display ...

AXO 7 minutes from local air

Retirement and coma ..

Lasanha No Microondas

Lasanha No Microondas

Squeeze the lasagna knot.


You opened the box, took out a transparent plastic film and did not put the microwave or oven

No mic 13 minutes, no oven 45 minutes.

Very hot like me

Nice Lasagna !!!

Only you ziehe (obviously) from the box, remove or cover the plastic and do not put it in the microwave, wait after your ort or a certain time and until it is finished, and re-cooked food = 9

But for more details you have to peek behind the box, like: B. How many minutes will you leave in the microwave ... ■■■■ a rs ..

Do not microwave the plastic wrap, strip or strip you see on top of Pratin Lasagna for 15 minutes, it will print, let it rest for 14 minutes and it is ready to eat.

I always do

Good luck and good luck hahaha


On the packaging

Following the instructions, re-read the box !!!

Lasanha No Microondas